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Moon Dog Black Lung

I’ve often wondered, when beer was first discovered, who drank it?

I imagine some Egyptian farmer stored his crops in a barrel of sort in the shade or perhaps a storage shed. There were a few leaks and after a particularly hard rain felled night some of the barrels filled up with water. Several months later when the farmer opened up the barrel to find a liquid slush, instead of throwing this ruined crop out he kept it, and because it had been a bad harvest year he drank it out of desperation and discovered something rather strange.

Now let’s for a moment think about what he must have had to drink that warm summers evening. This was no Greenflash IPA, and certainly not a Weihenstephaner hefe either. It must have tasted unimaginably bad. Worse than anything we could possibly image. To put it in a practical sense. It would have scored just worse than Victoria Bitter. So why did he keep drinking it? In the name of science? Was it a bet? It would have also given the Godzilla of hangovers. And yet because of him, I sit here today with a quality beer in my hand, and while I’m not going to be talking about the beer I hold, I will be talking about one I have already tasted, meditated over and honestly, I’m willing to try it again.

This brings us nicely onto the beer of today - Moon Dog Black Lung – I once upon a time thought IPAs were far too intense for my tastebuds, yet nowadays it is my go to brew. So then one can only assume, following the order of evolution, that I might be saying the same about stouts one day. For the moment though I like to try stouts but I’m a bit like the kid who keeps dipping his toe into the water to see if it has warmed up over the last thirty seconds or so.

The pouring of the beer was a sight to behold. This beer is dark, even for a porter, it makes Coca-Cola look like Corona. Even the bubbles pour out a dark brown, almost smoky colour. I took my first sip and subsequently sniff at much the same moment. The later been involuntary. Dark earthy tones, soy sauce, maybe some tigerbalm and lastly over cooked bbq ribs. Each small sip I took I felt my face pulling away from the glass, yet after said sip allowing myself a second to digest the beer and I suddenly wanted more. This action was repeated until the drink was gone and my glass empty but for a shimmer of black liquid left around the edge. The beer was everything the label says. Go in thinking your about to drink a cigar and you won’t be disappointed but the Victorian brewery sure do make an art of it.

It’s now been a week or so since I had The Black Lung and while writing this I can’t stop thinking that I want some more. Perhaps while not exactly an entry way drug…porter… it has triggered me into enjoying the darker beers, and maybe next time I have a typically renowned porter I’ll find it smooth and rich in comparison. I can’t wait to try one, but sadly you’ll have to wait to read about it.

Until next time

Place: The International Beer Shop Price: $8.90 Would I buy it again: Yes


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