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Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA

Sitting in the tranquil forest of Dwellingup - about an hour and half South of Perth - I basked in the glory of a true gem of an IPA. The two went hand in hand: serene forest joined by the spectacular Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA. What topped it off was not having to worry about anything, besides enjoying a peaceful beer in the countryside.

Pouring the beer gave way to a floral hop aroma, coming from a hazy golden hue and white fluffy head. The taste was a marriage between the floral hop bitterness which was well balanced with the smooth malt caramel that just shone through in the mix.

If you’re an IPA fan, or just love a truly solid beer, give this one a crack. Your taste buds will rejoice with you for it.

Bought from the International Beer Shop for $13. Thought I’d sneak in a few shots of the camp site we stayed at too for shits n gigs.


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