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8 Wired iStout

This one had been in my fridge for some time now. I like to usually start off with a lighter beer and make my way into darker territory within a night but lately I’ve been 3 or 4 beers in before getting to the iStout and inevitably leave it for another night. So last Saturday I decided before I leave on an epic European holiday I better try 8 Wired’s stout before it’s too late. Here’s what I thought:

The beer poured cola black with quite a sweet scent. The stout was by no means mild. It had a wicked kick of bitterness to it. Reserved earthy tones and a slight hint of always welcome coffee bean. There was a lack of chocolaty goodness when compared to the likes of Beer Geek Breakfast (one of my favourite dark brews). However there was a reasonably sweet initial taste before the dark bitterness kicked in. Kind of like a rollercoaster of taste. The label states this beer as ‘BIG’ but BOLD would be my adjective of choice. There wasn’t that BIG presence but the flavours that were there did leave an impression. What the label also recommended was trying the beer with vanilla ice-cream to make a ‘Stout Float’. Cue the ice-cream that was conveniently in the freezer and I have to say you have yourself a mighty fine dessert fit for all beer fans. It was a perfect dessert after some delicious home-made wood fired pizza. Courtesy JG and a friend NW  

While the beer itself was very good it isn’t my favourite stout to date but it’s certainly worth trying. (Especially for desert)

Price: $13.99    Place: International Beer Shop    Experience: Superb!  Would I buy it again: Yes